Applied science helps O&G industry measure multiphase flow
PhD candidiate Andreas Tomren defended his thesis on September 5, 2014 at the University of Bergen (Dep. of Chemistry). This is a significant contribution to increasing the accuracy and robustness of multiphase flow meters.

 The full title of the thesis is: “Multivariate analysis and modeling of crude oil composition and fluid properties relevant for Multiphase Flow Metering”.

 The oil & gas industry needs to know the exact amount of oil, gas, and water that at any instant flows through the pipe lines, either from individual wells, from satellite fields owned by different operators to the mother platform, or from offshore installations to land and the paying customer. A satisfying calibration of the multiphase flow meters is of paramount importance for the accuracy of the measurements. This requires (amongst other parameters) knowledge of the dielectric properties of the oil which varies strongly between oil fields as well as over an oil field's life time.  

Andreas Tomren has investigated relations and correlations between oil parameters measured in multiphase flow meters (e.g., density, viscosity, permittivity, etc.) and the chemical composition of the oil, thereby increasing the understanding of how the composition impacts the electromagnetic measurements that are a part of multiphase flow meters. These relations have been modelled and a new method of calculating fluid parameters has been developed with the potential to improve the calibration of the flow meters and increase the range of oil quality where the meters will be satisfyingly accurate.

Andreas Tomren's PhD studies have been funded by the Michelsen Centre of Measurement Science & Technology which is a part of the Norwegian Research Council's programme for Centres of Innovation-based Research (CRIs) link

Knowledge of the oil's pressure (P) and temperature (T) together with the chemical oil composition makes it possible to calculate the oil's density (ρ). By applying the model developed by Andreas Tomren, the oil's permittivity (ε) can be derived and applied in the calibration of multiphase flow meters (ill: A. Tomren):
Experimental verification of the predicted oil permittivity ε (ill: A. Tomren): 

Link to UiB's press release (in Norwegian only): link

(10. Sep 2014)

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