The Michelsen Centre and Optical Technologies
The Michelsen centre has facilitated and funded several industry driven innovation projects involving optical technologies. Some of this work was presented at the "Optoelectronic Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry" meeting in Aberdeen in June 2013.

CMR Scientists Jon Oddvar Hellevang and Peter Thomas were both in the organizing committee of the conference link which welcomed more than 120 attendees from all over the world.

One such project investigates the use of infrared technology for characterization of multiphase fluid flows. 

- The rapid advancement of optical technologies the recent decades means that the technology is now very well placed for satisfying the increasing number of measurement needs in the oil- and gas industry, Thomas says. - CMR and the Michelsen centre’s portfolio of optically focused projects within the oil- and gas industry is a reflection of this.

During the visit to Aberdeen Hellevang and Thomas also took the time visit companies and academic institutions in the city to build the groundwork for future collaboration projects.

About the Optoelectronic Technical Meeting

The 2013 Optoelectronic Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry Technical Meeting, will highlight major developments in optoelectronic technology relevant to current and future oil and gas industry applications. The Optoelectronic Technical Meeting has become an important meeting place for the oil and gas industry professionals along with technology developers and providers to keep abreast of developments in this rapidly expanding technology area, as well as allowing networking with academics, researchers and industry professionals active in the area


(25. Jun 2013)

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