The Michelsen Centre explores optical technology

Innovation is both about creating new knowledge and about applying existing knowledge in a creative way. See some examples from the Michelsen Centre.

Oil clear as water -  for the right eye

The oil & gas industry is only slowly starting to grasp the huge benefits optical technology offers. We can now benefit from the wide development of optical communication technologies for the internet that has made the cost of optical components fall like a stone while the availability and variety have soared. Read more about our pioneering activities here link

The Michelsen Centre is also in 2013 a proud supporter and sponsor of the annual technical meeting 'Optoelectronic Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry' link

Preparing for the cold

The future brings colder and deeper offshore oil fields: The Michelsen Centre helps exploring how to measure the oil & gas flow link

Bridging science and industry

Both science and industry benefit from lining up together in order to progress measurement technology. See another example from the Michelsen Centre here link

Improving our management of our common resources

The Michelsen Centre teams up with exixting reserach organisations in order to get t results that are vital for the indistry and for a sustainable management of our natural reosurces, in this case North Sea fish populations link

(04. Mar 2013)

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