Preparing metering technology for future oil fields

The future brings colder and deeper offshore oil fields: How to measure the flow?

The Michelsen Centre together with industry partners FMC Metering and Archer have teamed up to prepare for the future oil fields which typically will produce oil with much higher viscosity than today’s North Sea fields. Today’s ultrasonic measurement systems will have to be improved and optimised for processes where the high fluid viscosity may affect the measurement accuracy.


Effect of flow conditioners

This Centre project studies the effect of different flow conditioners upstream of an ultrasonic flow meter in viscous fluid flow. Both Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations as well as experimental studies are included in the project.


Effect of acoustic tool in a well

The interaction of sand from perforations in production wells (at different production rates) with different fluids and with different viscosities is investigated and also how sand from damaged perforations interacts with a invasive and passive acoustic tool for different fluid viscosities.

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Above: Flow velocity in and after a flow straightener used to condition the flow profiles for ultrasonic flow meters.   
(21. Nov 2012)

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