Bridging Centres: FACE and the Michelsen Centre

There are synergies to be exploited also in the cooperation between centres, as shown by FACE and the Michelsen Centre. 

Innovative synergy

There are currently 21 Centres of Research-based Innovation (CRIs) granted by the Research Council of Norway. They are thematically non-overlapping which has allowed FACE (the Multiphase Flow Assurance Innovation Centre) and the Michelsen Centre to explore inter-centre synergies since 2011:

  • FACE develops models of complex fluid systems in increasingly strong demand by the petroleum industry
  • The Michelsen Centre develops measurement technology for oil & gas, fisheries & aquaculture, and environmental monitoring

Long-term trends in the oil & gas industry point towards longer, deeper, and colder production of viscous crude oils. The industry partners of both centres have challenged the centres to come up with improved flow models and improved measurement technology, respectively. A joint initiative has been launched, and several others are in the pipe line.

Communication & dissemination

Efficient and non-ambiguous communication is of increasing importance in the information overflow we all are subject to. FACE and the Michelsen Centre hosted the workshop 'The Craft of Scientific Presentation' at exotic Finse May 22-23.


The workshop was led by Associate Professor in Engineering Communications Michael Alley from Penn State University who is an internationally acknowledged expert in Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students and has authored several books on how to improve your scientific communications:

Michael has also helped develop the communication skills of the personnel at the Norwegian research centre Simula Research Laboratory for almost 10 years.





(06. Jun 2012)

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