The Michelsen Centre goes abroad

The Michelsen Centre hooks up to the EU R&D

Personell and partners of the Michelsen Centre have since 2009 participated in seminars, workshops and project initiatives organised by the EU initiative Micro Nano Broker which is a competence network for providing enhanced cooperation between the academic and industrial members of the participating countries across national borders.

The most recent workshop took place in Erfurt (Germany) in November 2011 and was titled 'Energy and material efficiency through micro-nano integration - Approaches and Concepts' where the Michelsen Centre presented 'Water monitoring technology development in Bergen'.

The Michelsen Centre visited (amongst other institutions and companies) Technische Universität Ilmenau and met with Professor Peter Schaaf for discussions concerning pending project initiatives and plans for personnel mobility between Ilmenau and Bergen.

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(15. Dec 2011)

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