New UoB-Professor in Experimental Acoustics

Dr Postema has accepted a Professorship in experimental acoustics co-funded by the Michelsen Centre (MIMT).

Dr Michiel Postema is currently the leader of the Emmy-Noether research group at the Ruhr- Universität Bochum in Germany. His main interest and experience is in the field of agitating micro-bubbles and drops in different media using sound field, and characterization of the bubbles and/or the medium by utilizing high-speed photography. This has several applications and Postema is especially interested in the use of this method in medicine. In addition, he also has experience in the oil and gas industry and is aware of the possibilities within hydro/fishery acoustics.

Dr Postema's background is well in line with the Michelsen Centre's (MIMT's) crossdisciplinary profile.

His first day of work at UoB is tentatively November 1st.

(25. May 2010)

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