MIMT Guest Lecture - Recurrence Quantification Analysis: biological applications

Professor Alfredo Colosimo from Sapienza University of Rome will give a guest lecture titled 'Recurrence Quantification Analysis: biological applications' on Monday December 14, 10:15-11:00 at the University of Bergen.

Venue: Lille auditorium, Datablokken HIB, 2 etg.
Date: Monday 14. December
Time: 10:15-11:00


Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) is a non-biased extension of Recurrence Plot Analysis, which allows to identify even weakly recurrent structures within time and space-dependent biosignals.  The operational definition of recurrence will be followed by the illustration of how: 1) Recurrence Plots (RPs) can be worked out; 2) recurrent structures in RPs, can be quantified by a number of descriptors, each of which able to characterize specific deterministic and rhythmical patterns.  The practical usage of such descriptors for classification purposes and mechanistic interpretations will be shown by means of selected examples in the realm of physiology and bioinformatics, taken from the author’s experience. Some free-software tools for straighforward RP drawing and calculation of RQA parameters will be also presented.

(10. Dec 2009)

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