The project shall give new innovations for downhole ultrasonic camera for intervention and measurements. A first experimental prototype for a downhole ultrasonic camera has been developed over the last 3 years in a cooperation project between Seadrill and CMR. Many fundamental challenges are still to be solved. The communication of data from the downhole unit to the surface is one of the challenges. Furtermore the functionality of the tool needs to be extended for future advanced operations.

Scope of work

In this first phase of the project we will look into new transducer solutions to improve imaging and also make additional measurements. There will also be an activity to develop the transmission of data from the downhole electronics back to the surface for different type of operations like slick line and wireline operations. Using modern signal  processing and the latest results in intelligent pathern regognition we should be able to improve object recognition and improve planning of fishing operations. Tools for visualisation of  data is also one of the activities
  • New sensor technology for improved imaging and logging
  • Improved downhole processing
  • New downhole transmission link for ultrasonic data
  • User interface for enhanced functionality: signal processing for recognition of downhole objects
A report containing the results. Prototype transducers/ sensors, electronics and software.


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