In 2004 the total export of petroleum from the NCS was 264 million Sm3 oil equivalents. For the Norwegian state, taxes, charges and direct ownership related to this export represented a net cash flow of  208.3 billion NOK, or 28 % of the state's total incomes. Fiscal (sales) metering of these large volumes of oil and gas requires highly accurate instruments. A small measurement error can easily translate into a large sum of money for the state and petroleum industry.

Leading knowledge
Norway is today among the international leaders within fiscal flow measurement.  It is strategically important for Norway to remain in that position, to possess the necessary technology competence, and to participate in the international discussions and formulation of standards, regulations and procedures. Otherwise, others will dominate the formulation of standards, etc., without real possibilities for Norway to influence on the decisions in this economically vital area for the nation.
The Fiscal Flow Measurement program under the CRI will contribute to strengthen Norway in this picture.  Main work areas may include, reflecting current market trends and challenges faced today: 
  • E-field (remote) operation: self-standing meters, with advanced diagnostics and alarms,
  • More cost-efficient quality measurement (energy, mass and volume), including high-precision sound velocity cell technology,
  • The market's focus on reduced dependence on flow calibration of fiscal flow meters (gas: flow lab calibration; oil: in-situ proving),
  • Non-intrusive ultrasonic fiscal flow metering technology,
  • Subsea flow metering, for allocation metering (e.g. small and marginal fields, deep water),
  • Metering of cold products, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) at cryogenic temperatures (-160 oC),
  • Metering at high pressures / high temperatures (HPHT).
In a cooperation between FMC Technologies (industry partner, operating world wide in the fiscal oil and gas measurement market), CMR Instrumentation and the University of Bergen (Dept. of Physics and Technology), the Fiscal Flow Metering program will address such unsolved and highly challenging topics. These place stronger demands on the technology than is seen today.
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