Michelsen seminars and workshops Spring 2011 1. januar 2011 - 30. juni 2011

Numerical modelling of physics 

The Michelsen Centre offers user-initiated workshops where experienced users give useful hints and advice, please see here for dates and registration.

Thursday 30 June 8-15:30

Workshop on bubble acoustics

This workshop is motivated by two important and current topics:

  1. The detection and monitoring of potential oil and gas leaks from subsea installations
  2. Monitoring of potential leakages to the water column from captured CO2 stored in geological formations.

A three-year research project addressing these issues has been established in cooperation between the company METAS and research and industry partners (University of Bergen, Institute of Marine Research, Christian Michelsen Research, Simrad Kongsberg Maritime, and Statoil ASA). The deliverables from this project will be platforms with active acoustic sensors for leak detection and monitoring.

We are also very pleased to announce the participation of Professor Timothy Leighton who is Professor of Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics at the University of Southampton, UK and the author of the monograph “The acoustic bubble” in addition to numerous publications on bubble acoustics,. see his extensive list of publications.

Due to lunch arrangements, please register not later than June 23 to ragnhild@cmr.no

Thursday 16 June 10-12:30 

Seminar on "Trådløse sensornettverk" at Bergen University College (HiB), Nygårdsgaten 112, room A615

Contributions from BUC (HiB and the Norwegian Defence Research Institute (FFI) on:

  • Wireless sensor technology
  • Power consumption aspects
  • Data collection in wireless sensor networks
  • Modelling of wireless sensor networks
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